What Every Zodiac Sign Seeks In Bed?

Do you hear the question “What’s your Zodiac sign” a lot? Zodiac isn’t a thing of the new age, it has been used to “read” and predict the future outcomes of people, their personality and their life achievements for as long as human population exists.

Humans first looked for answers and explanations in the sky, then they started looking for answers among themselves, on Earth.

If you’re starting a new relationship, you might catch yourself reading more Astrology than usual, or your partner does that. Anyway, Astrology can tell a lot about your character, and your love-making intentions and skills in the bed as well.

According to astrology, your sun sign (AKA your Zodiac sign) is determined by the date of birth and represents the core of the individual’s personality.

It can also reveal a person’s general attitude towards intimate life: what turns them on, what’s their unique style, how often are they willing to be intimate etc.

Here are the most basic things in intimacy each one of the Zodiac signs want in bed.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac

They are passionate (and have possibly short) bursts of primal and love energy, wrestling, biting, and power struggles are all acts that engage the ram.

For Taurus, romance is the key towards intimacy.

Take your time, indulge their bodies, be rough and passionate. Feed them, massage them, set the mood with candles and other romantic techniques, and watch what happens.

Gemini are really open minded!

They are really intrigued by group play and Japanese rope bondage, and can be a lot more flexible in regards to their intimate interests. Anything they see on TV or read in the Kama Sutra books, they sure would want to try!

Cancer wants to nurture and love those who surround them.

They are a naturally paternal sign so no surprise they are intrigued by daddy/mummy BDSM play. Breasts are appealing and the chest area may be their erogenous zone.

Leos are true “Drama Queens”.

They want you to know they’re the best and are willing to put a show as a proof. They just adore roleplay, dressing in lingerie, and if you pamper them in the bedroom – they might just marry you.

Virgos are submissive

And they want to serve you and your desires. Once they feel comfortable, they find escape in BDSM and are right with Gemini when it comes to Japanese rope bondage.

When it comes to Libras, you should expect a Bonnie and Clyde-type of romance.

If you show them you’re all about reciprocity, you’ll be surprised by just how far they’ll bend their backs for you. Pamper and please them, they can be pillow princesses.

Scorpios are in constant maintenance of intimacy.

But until they find their soul mate, there’s fetlife.  They replace passion with vulnerability, so that they can love intimate love making that really pushes their limits.


Not the most overtly kinky but can be extremely experimental. Will try anything once (and keep trying it unless they don’t like it). Try public or destination-set love making with these intimacy explorers.


Over time their stern energy follows them into the bedroom.Get a kick out of teasing and being disciplined but be careful: some may be vanilla, others can have you in a full kinky relationship!


Can be into the most unconventional love making things you could possibly imagine. If they don’t have to worry about judgement, they’ll test and even push your limits. The downside is that they are ruled by Saturn, so who knows when they’ll completely open up.

Pisces are inherently expansive and open.

They can be really curious about tantric love-making. Pisces wants to dive deep into the waters of desire with their partner, then drown in them, but just after they are sure of the reliability of their partner.

As you can see, some signs prefer a slower and more sensual approach towards seduction and intimacy (Cancer, Taurus), while others are into the “do me now” seduction films with hair tousling and rough moves (Scorpio and Aries). 

Some signs such as Capricorn and Virgo would unleash their deepest intimate desires with the curtains closed, in the bed with their trusting partner, while other signs, such as Aquarius and Sagittarius prefer going out and experimenting with public love making.

Some signs use intimacy to explore erotic harmony, such as Libra and Pisces, while some signs, such as Leo and Gemini use intimacy as an opportunity to reveal their amazing performative versatility.

What do you think?

Written by Sarah Allen


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